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Prince of Songkhla University - Undana held cooperation Discussion

On Thursday, March 21st, the University of Nusa Cendana (Undana) was visited by the Prince of Songkhla University (PSU) Thailand in order to have meeting and discussion about the development of cooperation between the PSU and Undana which is more emphasized on three key areas, namely Agriculture, Animal Science and Fisheries, International Relations and Medicine.
This meeting was attended by the Vice Chancellor of Undana, Prof. Ir. Frans Umbu Datta, M.App.Sc.Ph.D, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr.David BW.Pandie, MS and the Deputy Vice chancellor for Students’ Affairs, Ir. M.M.J. Kapa, M.Agr.Sc, the Deans of Faculties, Head of Research Institute, Head of IRO Undana, Prof. Ir. Herianus Lalel, MS., Ph.D and the others Heads of Institutes in Undana. There were also 10 representatives from PSU Thailand lead by the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Resources, Prof. Dr. Wullop Santipracha.
On his welcome and opening remarks, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Frans Umbu Datta said that the presence of the team from PSU Thailand is an honor for Undana. He admitted that, The Universities in Thailand are already very advanced, although not many universities are on the top 500 in the world. However, by default the universities in Thailand are generally have high quality; hence, Undana needs to initiate the cooperation with PSU Thailand.
Besides that, the Vice Chancellor Umbu Datta said, the cooperation between Undana and PSU-Thailand is also part of the cooperation held by the state universities in eastern Indonesia, and not by the chance, he is the  Chairman of the Presidium of consortium of the state universities in eastern  in which includes all the state universities in Thailand. Therefore, there is an association of state Universities of Thailand, one of them is Undana.
It was a return visit, after a team of Undana at the end of 2012 visited a number of universities in Thailand. Why that was an  important visited for the scope of Asean, however, because Undana-PSU Thailand are situated in Asean countries that should be mutually supportive, mutually reinforcing, both in terms of education, economic and other cooperation side. Cooperation in the field of higher education needs to be encouraged in order to strengthen and tighten the friendship in Asian countries. So it is not enough in politics, economics but at the international level, but on a practical level, the universities in Indonesia also have to open to cooperate with universities in Asean, "he said.
According to Umbu Datta, the universities in Thailand are more advanced in terms of organizing courses or classes involving international foreign lecturers to teach in the state universities and collaborating with the not fixed lecturers. Those experience who have more than 20 years by the enrollment patterns of international students through a pattern of cooperation is enviable, not only to improve the quality of academic services at universities in Indonesia, but also encourage students of Undana to get an international chance with a relatively cheaper cost than they had to European countries, America and others that the cost is not cheap. But if in the scope of Asean itself, provided there is such as a priority in Singapore, Thailand and Philippines, then Undana could send students there.
Therefore, the presence of 10 entourages from PSU Thailand was a strategic moment for Undana to improve its ability to establish the cooperation in the national and global partnerships with other universities and abroad. And the areas that could be covered by cooperation such as the exchange of S1 and S2 students with the academic field of research through collaboration in the areas of science that have by Undana which have physical similarity and equality in terms of academic ability as well as joint international publications, and also possible collaboration in the future in Master class program of education internationally. It was to be commercialized in the near future. So we are not discourse, what was discussed, but these are the things that can be done and can be done in the near future. Therefore, I hope this discussion can provide the beneficial results for both universities, "said Rector, Umbu Datta.
On that occasion, the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Recources PSU Thailand, Prof. Dr. Wullop Santipracha said that he was proud of having been willing to hold discussions with the co-operation and received his  team well.
Professor Wullop Santipracha on that occasion convinced that such cooperation can be followed up very well, and were very respectful with Undana, so they were really serious to come in Undana, even though they passed a considerable distance, and through so many colleges and larger class from Undana, and they can be arrived to the NTT and came to Undana.
About four hours, they were very positive impression about Undana and Kota Kupang and about NTT. And in time, they will come to visit the famous tourist spots in NTT as part of another academic visit, he said as an ended of his remarks.