Internatonal Relations Office

Nowadays, Undana has successfully established International Relations with several government / foreign institutions such as The Government of Timor Leste, The Australian Government (Charles Darwin University, Flinders University, ACIAR), Government of New Zealand, Government of the Netherlands (Nuffic, VU), Government of Japan (JICA), Government of USA (Texas AM University), and several European countries. The Relations still need to be improved in order to develop Undana to become one of the world-class universities (World Class University). This kind of International Relations need to be extended by the potential governments / foreign institutional.
Improvement and expansion of relations like the one above need personal support and adequate facilities are arranged in an institutional unit in the form of the Office of International Affairs. Recognizing this, Undana has sought and established the International Relations Office (IRO) since 2006. IRO Undana works under the coordination of Vice Chancellor for Cooperation and Alumni Affairs (PR IV) with the support of 5 staffs which consists of 3 educationalist staffs, and 2 education / administration staffs.
IRO Undana planned to enhancement and expansion of International Relations through several strategic activities, such as promotion and intensification of communications with the embassy (education attaché) of overseas countries in Indonesia, increasing the IRO services by providing routine and the latest information with internet-based; do the working visit to the partner’s  institution abroad; organizing the international seminars and workshops especially  for the things related to critical and current issues; implementation of cooperative research, internship and community service with  the lectures and students from foreign universities, also mapping and as a facilitator to reach the opportunity of foreign grants.

Vision of KUI Undana:

To  achieve Undana as a  Global Oriented University which is reliable in Dry land Farming, Fisheries and Marine and Tourism in the Asia and Pacific in 2020.

Missions of KUI Undana:

  1. Active role in building and developing international relations with all parties to the principle of equality, integrity and lasting.
  2. Empowering the opportunities and abroad potential optimally that can be used for development physical and non-physical in order to achieve the vision of Undana.
  3. Improving the image of Undana as one of the University that are reliable in Dry land Farming, Fisheries and Marine and also Tourism to abroad.
  4. Accelerate the process of internationalization in Undana
  5. Organizing a standardized system of international service and has a quality to internal and external stakeholders.





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